Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Meat and Wine Co - Darling Harbour

On a cold winters night me and my friend were set for Hurricanes, though due to the wait we opted for Meat and Wine Co.

Unlike Hurricanes, the atmosphere here is quite trendy and high class, though did the food live up to its name?

Pork Ribs $37

The pork ribs were perfectly glazed, but unfortunately over cooked. The meat didn’t fall off the bone *sad face*

Lamb Ribs $29

The lamb was chewy and a bit under flavoured, though it still tasted quite decent. The ribs were accompanied by garlic mash, delicious!

End Notes:
- Nice ambience
- A bit on the expensive side
- Service was great

Quote of the Day:

"Nothing is more difficult , and therefore more precious, than to be able to decide"
- Napoleon.

With Love,


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lateraleating said...

What a shame, another case of quantity over quality.

Lorraine @ Not Quite Nigella said...

My friend raves about this place but this has me thinking twice about going!

Vivian - vxdollface said...

Shame it didnt live up to it's name, you'd think the meat would be amazing!

muppy said...

We have been to meat and wine co in parra and loved it, i had the kangaroo and it was delicious. but i vaguely remember there were some hit and misses.

Maureen said...

With a name like Meat and Wine you'd expect the meat to be the hero and always wonderful. Sad face.

sugarpuffi said...

shame that the food wasnt all that great. i had some nice food there before i was a foodie...maybe my palate has changed LOL i dunno

minibites said...

I definitely enjoy hurricanes or ribs&rumps over meat, wine and co.. did they still have the dessert platter there? that was enjoyable :D

Two fit and fun gals said...

i used to think this place was the bomb! but after eating out at a lot of other restaurants - its actually quite overpriced (like you said) but ifind the service is alright :)

no desserts!! :o

chopinandmysaucepan said...

Real shame the meat wasn't up to expectations. I would be pretty disappointed too.

Dolly said...

@ lateraleating - ditto!

@ NQN - i agree.. think twice.

@ Vivian - sigh.

@ Muppy - thats true, i guess not all resturants are consitient.

@ Maureen - the irony!

@twofitfungirls - yeah.. nothing like overpriced and medicore food *facepalm*

@ sugarpuffi - thats true, i tend to be a bit more observant and picker as some say.

@ minibites - unfor, my friend and went to Din Ting Fung for their taro icecream haha..

@chopinmyspoon - oh well.. at least you know not to go!

KSY said...

you should've tried their steaks! they're great.

thehungryduck said...

oh no! shame to hear that its undercooked :(

kenisis said...

i think you needed to try the blue cheese sauce apparently that's to die for

Bridgie said...

The Meat & Wine Co have been operating for 8 years, and with such high competition in the area, they obviously do a great job. The restaurant is now huge with three levels and they are full every night. Definately not over priced as the portions are huge and the quality is very good. The Wagyu rib-eye is the best, especially with the blue cheese and vodka sauce. Their desserts are amazing also. Extensive wine list, and first class service.