Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Charlie and Co - Opera House

Pretty Harbour

Federation burger $21.50

Probably not the best burger I’ve had, the meat patty was dry and the bacon was dripping in oil :(

Fried Chicken Burger $21.50

My friend wasn't happy with this burger as the chicken was bland and dry.

He highly recommends Blacktown Maccas, they change their oil regularly. Yes it does make a difference to your burgers and fries :)

Parmesan & Truffle fries $10.00

Undeniably one of the best fries I’ve ever had, though mind you OD-ing on these later on really do get to you. Is it worth? YES. I also asked for some aioli, the aioli perfectly compliments these chips!

End Notes:

- I'd definitely come back for fries!
- The burgers are much dearer at Operakitchen, though you pay for the view.
- Service was good; they even replenished my chips when I asked for my burger to be cut, how sweet

Random fact:

Did you know a lot of the food taken on commercials is fake?

Apparently ice-cream is sometimes coated in plastic: P.

With Love,





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Tina @ bitemeshowme said...

the parmesan and truffle fries are the absolute best! as a lover of hot chips, they are definitely one of the favourites!

lateraleating said...

A shame about the burgers. I've read so many negative reviews I don't think I'll ever bother spending money in them.

Anonymous said...

Not that I've had any Charlie and Co burgers before, in regards to your friend highly recommending Maccas. Are you being serious? What a joke! But I guess if you're into all that processed junk then by all means go ahead.

sugarpuffi said...

ive heard many times that their burger is dry :( and wtf...maccas?...

Dolly said...

@ Tina - i agree, i'd only come back for fries :)

@ Gaby - yes dont!

@ Anon - well i think my friend prefers Maccas as their burgers arent as dry.

@ sugarpuffi - i know dry burger = dead burger.. yeah my friend saids there better and value for money i guess.. opposed to cc.

Maureen said...

For $21 I expect a good burger - to take from Julia Gillard - Don't serve a crap burger, really, it can't be that hard.


Anonymous said...

Though I can't speak about Blacktown Maccas, I do highly recommend Plumpton for perfectly moist burgers. And if your "foodie" friend is willing to travel for good quality gourmet food then Lithgow Maccas is the way to go. But if you really want moist then you should head to Penrith. Everything's moist in Penrith.

nicholas said...

haha blacktown maccas i like your friend's style.