Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Swissotel – Crossroad Bar High Tea Buffet

I've always wanted to try Swissotel, though there was always the question "Who to take?". Thankfully the answer came along when i found Ken.

After a long wait, I had high hopes; it was slowly crushed by the mountainous offerings of sweets. To be honest, the wait wasn’t quite worth.

The sandwiches were dry; you can definitely make an assumption they were made hours beforehand. Though the egg and mayonaise sandwiches were quite enjoyable!

Likewise the cakes were average, nothing significantly stood out, opposed to the Crème Caramels.

Crème Caramels, Ken was itching for more

The generous amount of vanilla bean mixed into the custard totally made it worthwhile increasing our chances of diabetes.

The selections of tea were pitiable, compared to Sir Stamford extensive and freshly brewed tea menu.

I’ve never experienced water like cheesecake; imagine diving your fork into cheese water then hitting a rock wall enough said.

To conclude our high tea, we rushed over to the Dark Lindt Fondue, undeniably rich and creamy.. Delicious too bad we were ¾ full from the high tea itself.

To conclude our day, one may ask ‘what’s for dinner?’


we shared a chicken burger and a strawberry milkshake XD.

End Notes:
- Live pianist, lovely ambience
- Must try: Crème Caramel and Fondue
- Tea bags opposed to freshly brewed tea
- The scones were deformed :(

Price: $55p/p

Quote of the Day:

With Love,



P.S – we visited Swissotel in April 2011

(To date, i'm still favouring Sir Stamford's High Tea)

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kenisis said...

terrible experience, goes to show buffet food is never good and most often overpriced!

yes the creme caramels were delicious, mainly cos they were made cold and they taste good cold.

the other food was either too sweet, too dry or just bland.

yes the pianist was cool he took requests and was playing funky tunes

lateraleating said...

What a shame to pay that much for below average food.

Dolly said...

@ Gaby, i know.. but apparently i read another food bloggers review. It has improved since April 2011 XD

Manu said...

What a pity... it sounds rather average! I hope it has really improved...

sugarpuffi said...

ahahah i have to agree with the deformed scones although mine was more like rock hard than deformed. the tea bags was a let down too but overall, an unlimited dessert for 2 hours is not bad :P

Dolly said...

@ manu - oh well at least you now know not to try it :)

@ sugarpuffi - oh nooo.. poor you. Yeah for high tea at a nice hotel, you'd expect better. True.. unlimited hahaaa...

Lorraine @ Not Quite Nigella said...

Oh dear what a shame about the high tea there! For something relatively simple a lot of places don't do it very well!

chopinandmysaucepan said...

Thankfully I'm not big on desserts and would just focus on devouring all the egg and mayo sandwich as that's my fave! Seems a little overpriced too.

Anonymous said...

what a pity sad

Two fit and fun gals said...

oh no so sorry to hear about your awful experience :( i ve been once and it wasnt too bad actually, so its a hit n miss i guess