Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Sourdough - Townhall

I have no doubt majority of you have now heard of or have eaten "The Reuben”. A lot of food blogs such as the lovely Suze from Chocolatesuze and John from He needs Food have been raving on such delicacies of the Reuben.

Thinking to myself, what’s all the hype about?

So I find myself at Soughdough Townhall...

The Real Reuben $8.50, Virgin no more

Filling: Shaved corned beef, sauerkraut, provolone cheese, Russian dressing on a whole meal baguette.

I must confess the Reuben possesses an interesting, yet unique taste. It seem healthy light and quite flavoursome to ones taste buds. The sauerkraut bursts out in juice, thank god I took a few napkins, otherwise my desk would’ve been rained upon. The sauerkraut is nicely pickled, not too salty and not too light. Just right!

The corned beef reminds me of Vietnamese pork sausage found at your local Vietnamese grocers; this beef is definitely more lean and healthy!!

The Russian sauce is a bit hot but nice, kind of tastes like peri peri.

So my final verdict:

I'm quite happy try more Reubens, I believe I have yet to try the best.

Here's some photos from Saturday’s game: Highlanders vS Waratahs, which I arrived just in time for Half time >.<.

Whenever i think of footy, i associate it with meat pies and sausage rolls. Heres to tradition.

It was pouring in rain

My team <3

I can’t believe they have laska, butter chicken and pizza at the stadium heresy I tell you!

Billie Chu reminds you of ????

Quote of the Day:

With Love,


Soughdough Panini Bakery
60 York Street, Townhall

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Nuts about food said...

Who knew they had such a NY classic in Sydney? We don't get them here.

chocolatesuze said...

woohoo glad you liked your first try of the awesome Reuben!

lateraleating said...

Looks like we have a new Reuben addict in Sydney :)

Dolly said...

@ Nuts about food - REALLY? thats obsurd!!

@ Suze - hehe.. theres many more to come!

@ Gaby - haha we'll seee :)

john@heneedsfood said...

It came in a baguette? Now that's pushing the boundaries, in a good way;)

OohLookBel said...

I love a good Reuben, but at the footy on a rainy night? Meat pie with sauce, definitely!

Two fit and fun gals said...

yum i love sourdough! i wonder if there is any vegetarian options??

Manu said...

Ohhh I have never tried it... I'll have to fix that ASAP!!!! Sounds yummy!

Julie said...

yay looks yummy! i want to noms!

Lorraine @ Not Quite Nigella said...

I love a really good Reuben sandwich!

Closet Fat Chick said...

Thank you for sharing. That Reuben sandwich looked delicious. Now I am craving a Reuben! Check out my blog if you are interested. I'm new at this so it is a work in progress!


muppy said...

I have never had the Reuben!! and i laksa at the footy...wow :0 wonder if its edible.
btw i bought coconut flour at a health food store

kenisis said...

i still dont get the extreme hype of that place its just a baguette, i reckon the other stores at the westfields food court are much more interesting

Dolly said...

@ John - i know hey? my hands were all floured at the end XD.

@ OohLookBel - Go the meat pies.. haha

@ Two fit and fun gals - im quite sure they had something vegie friendly.

@ Manu - why not try?

@ Julie - tommorow lunch?

@ Lorriane - i need to devour more!

@ closetfatchick - eat up!!

@ Muppy - i know its OBSURD!! thanks for the tip!!! coconut flour wonder how itd taste!

@ Ken - haha i'll buy you one sooon lovely.

chopinandmysaucepan said...

I'm not a Reuben fan but you've stirred my curiousity again.