Sunday, June 6, 2010

Tomodachi, Rhodes Shopping Centre

Just a really quick update.

I had this sudden urge to shop at Ikea. Needing a home for my new baking accessories before i lose them all.

Hello Rhodes Shopping Centre!!

Walking around ikea really does make you hungry. But confession, im trying to eat less... (keyword trying) so me and Tony opted for something healthy it was nearly 9pm anyways.

Hello Tomodachi, i quite like their atmosphere, its simple yet elegant for the amount of space they have. Though the staff arent that attentive. Sushi wise, its average but a bit overpriced. I still havent found a memorable sushi train yet. Though the Eel and cottage cheese sushi at Chatswood is deliciously satisfying, and i wouldn't mine digesting 10 of them hehe.

Having a love for dumplings,im always on the ball to taste dumplings from various place in order to improve my version hehe.
I was a bit disappointed, it was cleary frozen. When i bit into it a lot of water dispersed into my mouth .. anticlimax yo!

Tempura Prawn with Mayonnaise and Sweet Chilli Sauce.
This was quite nice as it was pretty much drenched in sauce ho ho ho.

The salmon is generously cut in thick portions, value much?

Eel wrapped with Cheese

It wasn't as good as Chatswood. AND luckily enough heres a pic of the chatswood one. I can plate down at LEAST 10 hehe.

Tempura crab sticks.

Soft Shell Crab

I cant remember what this was ><

The one thing i like about Tomodachi, they give extra dollop sauce on the side ; not all places give you extra infact they charge you *sad face*. I wouldnt mind going back, as they do have a vast majority of flavours which are beautifully presented. Value wise ermm im sure you can find something better for the same price.

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